I visited Sleeping Beauty Therapies for an hormonal imbalance and fertility treatment. Nicky immediately made me feel at ease and very relaxed. She has a warm and very kind manner and is sensitive to your needs.

The treatment was amazing and I felt like I had been pampered in a spa for the day. My shoulders felt lifted and my feet tingled for days! After my first treatment I had a less stressful PMT that month and after my second, fell pregnant within my next cycle. I vividly remember a warm sensation in my stomach at one point during my second treatment after explaining to Nicky that I would like to try for another baby.

I sometimes suffer from a heavy heart but since visiting Nicky at Sleeping Beauty Therapies, with her holistic approach to reflexology treatment (ambience, manner, surroundings and actual treatment) I feel like I can tackle daily stresses with calmness. Thank you Nicky, I can’t wait to come back!

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I have been truly dedicated to and qualified in Reflexology and Massage and their amazing benefits since 2005.

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