Aroma Reflex

AromaReflex is a powerful therapy which incorporates the use of Aromatherapy Essential Oils with the wonderfully healing Reflexology.

Every client can immerse themselves with a new fragrance or scent on each visit, which will be individually tailored to suit their needs during this indulgent AromaReflex experience.

Essential Oils are extracted from the essence of nature itself: from the leaves, flowers, fruit, wood, bark and roots of plants and trees. These oils have been used as an integral part of people’s daily lives for thousands of years, to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy is one of the most gentle healing arts but used in conjunction with Reflexology, becomes even more of a relaxing and nurturing therapy. We only use the highest quality oils, in the form of Neal’s Yard Remedies’ organic essential oils.

Each treatment starts with a consultation, where you are able to smell a selection of oils, stimulating your body’s amazing olfactory senses.

You will have your own unique blend of 3 oils applied throughout your Reflexology session together with a premium base wax. You will then be able to take your remaining blend home so you can maximise the benefits of your treatment.

Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe

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“Always a wonderful experience when I visit Nicky for Reflexology.”


“Nicky is is an excellent reflexologist and offers a professional service. ”


“You have changed my life Nicky and I will always be grateful for your extra time you gave me when I felt so low.”


“Reflexology by Nicky felt like a lifeline after going through a miscarriage and losing hope.”


“I love my sessions with Nicky. She really does work miracles with my feet!”

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Aroma Reflex

I have been truly dedicated to and qualified in Reflexology and Massage and their amazing benefits since 2005.

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