I was feeling very low after a couple of miscarriages and was looking for something natural to help me feel in a better place. I had no idea that a few sessions of Reflexology would make me feel so calm and de-stressed that I would fall pregnant again!

I am now the mum of a beautiful baby girl and I feel so grateful to Nicky for all her advice and support and her wonderful Reflexology treatments. I am convinced that the regular Reflexology helped to rebalance my body and rid it of all the negative stress so that I was ready to fall pregnant. You have change my life Nicky and I will always be grateful for your extra time you gave to me when I felt so low. Thank you!


I first tried Reflexology to help with hot sweats and sleepless nights. I had also suffered with severe Plantar Fasciitis for over a year & had not realised Reflexology would make a difference! There were times when I cried with pain at the end of the day. After several weekly treatments, the sweats and sleepless nights improved and to my surprise, the Plantar Fasciitis improved dramatically.
A year on I am virtually pain free which is incredible.
Nicky is both professional, knowledgable & caring. I would highly recommend Sleeping Beauty Therapies to anyone who would also like to try an alternative therapy. Reflexology has changed my life.


I was very apprehensive about starting Reflexology but Nicky put me at ease immediately. Since starting, I have been able to control my anxiety far more so much so that some days I don’t have it! This is due to Nicky personalising my treatment. I cannot imagine not having Reflexology, it has helped to change my life!


Always a wonderful experience when I visit Nicky for Reflexology. Something I always look forward to every month.
It relaxes me and resets my body of all stresses and ailments.
I would highly recommend booking an appointment to experience the treatments as well as the personal touch Nicky gives.


Nicky is wonderful. A warm and friendly person who puts you at ease and takes the time to understand your needs and concerns. I have been seeing Nicky for a few years now and its always been
a positive experience. I am always impressed with her knowledge and how accurate her Reflexology is.
The Facelift Massages are a real treat too and you can see and feel the difference. I always feel better and calmer after a visit to Sleeping Beauty Therapes – highly recommended!!


Reflexology by Nicky felt like a lifeline after going through a miscarriage and losing hope. I had regular Reflexology, not only was this calming and healing but chatting with Nicky helped so much too. I could not recommend Sleeping Beauty Therapies enough. I have already recommended friends and will again in the future. Thank you!”


I love my sessions with Nicky. She is amazing! So thoughtful, kind and really does work miracles with my feet. I love having the Hot Stone Reflexology. It is so relaxing and works wonders. Having Reflexology with Nicky really does help rebalance everything, your hormones, mood and overall wellbeing.

I would recommend 100%. It has now become part of my routine to help look after myself and I would not be without it. Thank you so much.


Reflexology is key to my regular wellbeing routine and Nicky at Sleeping Beauty Therapies provides an amazing, thorough and professional service. I always feel revived after her nourishing treatments. Thank you Nicky.


I had a number of Reflexology treatments at a point in my life where I was feeling stressed and anxious about trying to conceive. Nicky made me feel totally relaxed and at ease. Within a couple of months we found out I was pregnant and  we now have a beautiful baby daughter. I would highly recommend Sleeping Beauty Therapies! Thank you!


Mrs H.

Nicky is is an excellent Reflexologist and offers a professional service. She listens carefully and really gets to the core of the issues. I tend to see her when I am stressed and/or feel exhausted. Her Reflexology treatments are very relaxing. You will be in a very capable pair of hands with Nicky.


I went to see Nicky after years of dreadful sleepless nights which started with the menopause but then continued after. After just a few sessions I began to wake less with hot flushes in the night and now I sleep for six or seven hours with no hot flushes! Absolutely fantastic! I would thoroughly recommend Nicky, she is lovely and Reflexology must be the most relaxing treatment ever.


I was feeling quite stressed with everyday life and wasn’t sleeping very well and wanted to find a natural solution to these problems. So I thought about Reflexology as I know how powerful it can be. Nicky has been a friend for several years and she has given me some Reflexology sessions from time to time. I found it very relaxing and calming and she is very reassuring and gentle.

That evening I went to bed and had a lovely nights sleep, and because of that I didn’t feel as stressed either. I would really recommend Nicky as she is very professional, discreet and caring and Reflexology is a great alternative to taking modern medicines which can harm the body. After a day or two I felt like my body had been realigned and was energised which was a great feeling.


I have a very physically demanding job which is tough on my already weak knees, back and hands. I also have digestive problems which in turn, always affects the quality of my sleep. One day, I woke up with a shoulder pain and on top of everything else, I thought enough was enough! I decided to try Reflexology as I had heard about its healing benefits and also thought I could do with a good nights sleep!

Following Nicky’s treatment, I had the best nights sleep in months and the pain in my shoulder had completely subsided. The pains in my joints were also nowhere near as bad. On the second day, my digestive system had what seemed to be a massive kick start and by having a weekly Reflexology session, I am like a new person.


It was recommended that I see Nicky for Reflexology due to problems with my digestive system and anxiety. I wasn’t sure what the treatment entailed, in fact I was a little nervous at first, but I am amazed at the results! I feel more energetic, I have wonderful night sleeps and I surprisingly feel very relaxed. My digestive issues have really improved too which was controlling my life.  I eagerly anticipate my next treatment.



I visited Sleeping Beauty Therapies for an hormonal imbalance and fertility treatment. Nicky immediately made me feel at ease and very relaxed. She has a warm and very kind manner and is sensitive to your needs.

The treatment was amazing and I felt like I had been pampered in a spa for the day. My shoulders felt lifted and my feet tingled for days! After my first treatment I had a less stressful PMT that month and after my second, fell pregnant within my next cycle. I vividly remember a warm sensation in my stomach at one point during my second treatment after explaining to Nicky that I would like to try for another baby.

I sometimes suffer from a heavy heart but since visiting Nicky at Sleeping Beauty Therapies, with her holistic approach to reflexology treatment (ambience, manner, surroundings and actual treatment) I feel like I can tackle daily stresses with calmness. Thank you Nicky, I can’t wait to come back!


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“I always feel better and calmer after a visit to Sleeping Beauty Therapies. ”


“Reflexology is key to my regular wellbeing routine and always feel revived after Nicky's nourishing treatments.”


“After just a few sessions I sleep for six or seven hours with no hot flushes!”


“Nicky made me feel totally relaxed and at ease.”

Mrs H.

“A year on I am virtually pain free which is incredible. Reflexology has changed my life.”

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