Reflexology in Tring

Sleeping Beauty Therapies provides holistic and professional treatments to rebalance your body and revitalise your mind and soul in Tring, Hertfordshire and surrounding towns of Hemel, Berkhamsted, Leighton Buzzard & Aylesbury

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Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone Reflexology is a truly indulgent treatment which takes Reflexology to a new level, helping you feel more Relaxed, Rebalanced and Revitalised.

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Reflexology for Sports Injuries

Sports Reflexology

Whether you are a pro-athlete, semi-pro, or participate in a sporting activity to keep fit and healthy, incorporating Reflexology into your fitness regime can be extremely beneficial.

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reflexology for fertility

Our clients believe that their Reflexology treatments helped them achieve regular menstrual cycles after which they have successfully managed to get pregnant.

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Trying for a baby?

reflexology for fertility

Reflexology is an holistic therapy which is all about achieving equilibrium and harmony to the body, mind and soul. Reflexologists believe it to be effective at balancing hormones, increasing circulation and helping the body get rid of toxins.

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reflexology for the menopause

Reflexology has been found to be very effective in helping both the physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause without the side effects associated with drug based treatments.

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Reflexology for change

reflexology for the menopause

Reflexology and foot massage reduced menopausal symptoms of anxiety, depression, hot flushes and night sweats by some 30%-50% of what they were at the outset.

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Can Reflexology successfully induce Labour?

Manipulation of specific pressure points on the feet correlating to the uterus, cervix, ovaries, and endocrine system can give these key areas a boost of energy to help kickstart the natural process of labour.

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digestive disorders

The Relaxation Response

Many digestive symptoms and issues can be alleviated with Reflexology. Reflexology helps heal the body from the inside out. There is an amazing network of reflex points on the feet that can be linked to the various different areas of the digestive system.

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About Nicky Muldoon

I have been truly dedicated to and qualified in Reflexology and Massage and their amazing benefits for 10 years.

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Some kind feedback from some of our cients

“You have changed my life Nicky and I will always be grateful for your extra time you gave me when I felt so low.”


“A year on I am virtually pain free which is incredible. Reflexology has changed my life.”


“I cannot imagine not having Reflexology, it has helped to change my life!”


“Always a wonderful experience when I visit Nicky for Reflexology.”


“I always feel better and calmer after a visit to Sleeping Beauty Therapies. ”


“Reflexology by Nicky felt like a lifeline after going through a miscarriage and losing hope.”


“I love my sessions with Nicky. She really does work miracles with my feet!”


To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear