Maternity Reflexology

Can Maternity Reflexology successfully induce Labour? Research has shown that having regular Reflexology treatments can reduce labour times and pain.

Our treatments rooms located just outside of Tring, Hertfordshire provide a peaceful place to discover the benefits of Maternity Reflexology.

Maternity Reflexology At 38 Weeks

In order to get ready for the birth of your baby, we recommend you start receiving Maternity Reflexology treatments from 38 weeks as long as there are no medical contraindications.

Reflexology can assist in ensuring a natural delivery, by helping prepare the body for labour and facilitate the birth process. It can essentially “open up channels” with an energetic effect as it strengthens the body’s ability to cope with the imminent labour, but also has a wonderfully grounding effect as the mother-to-be is made aware that her body is ready to go through this exciting milestone.

Maternity Reflexology for Labour Induction at 40 weeks

A series of Reflexology treatments prior to the birth can balance the hormones, regulate the digestive system, strengthen muscle and bone with renewed circulation and boost the immune system.

Once 40 weeks has been reached, manipulation of specific pressure points on the feet correlating to the uterus, cervix, ovaries, and endocrine system can give these key areas a boost of energy to help kickstart the natural process of labour.

Interestingly, Reflexology will stimulate the body into commencing the process of labour only if it is ready to do so, thus potentially avoiding the need for artificial methods of labour induction.

Research by London Obstetrician, Dr Gowri Motha, has shown that first time mums who regularly had Reflexology treatments during their pregnancy, went on to have reduced labour times and required much less pain relief than those who did not have Reflexology at all.

Post Natal Reflexology

Just having a little time to yourself to relax can be incredibly healing. Reflexology can help a new mum regain equilibrium to her body and recover more quickly as she will have been through so many physical and emotional changes in the nine months.

It can aid fatigue and exhaustion, rebalance the hormones and provide such important time for the new mother to focus on herself for a short while. Reflexology can also help with the following :

  • Mastitis
  • Post-Epidural Pain
  • Helping prevent Post Natal Depression
  • Improving circulation to encourage lactation
  • Backache
  • Boosting Energy levels
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Treatments are tailored to your requirements

A new baby is like the beginning of all things - Wonder, Hope, a dream of possibilities

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Maternity Reflexology

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Maternity Reflexology

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