I was feeling very low after a couple of miscarriages and was looking for something natural to help me feel in a better place. I had no idea that a few sessions of Reflexology would make me feel so calm and de-stressed that I would fall pregnant again!

I am now the mum of a beautiful baby girl and I feel so grateful to Nicky for all her advice and support and her wonderful Reflexology treatments. I am convinced that the regular Reflexology helped to rebalance my body and rid it of all the negative stress so that I was ready to fall pregnant. You have change my life Nicky and I will always be grateful for your extra time you gave to me when I felt so low. Thank you!

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Nicky Muldoon

Nicky is a member of The Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners and Association of Reflexologists (AOR) with full insurance and qualified as a Reflexologist in 2005 and Massage since 2004.

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I have been truly dedicated to and qualified in Reflexology and Massage and their amazing benefits since 2005.

Nicky muldoon
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